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Banishing The Taxation Overwhelm

June 14 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Banishing the taxation overwhelm with guest paul silver myer

When you started to train as a therapist is it likely that you were focused on working with clients and patients. During training you will have been practising your clinical skills.

But, now you are qualified or nearing qualification, the reality of working begins to loom.

Most therapists set up in private practice but may also work for an organisation. However, for some, the thought of setting up a business can be scary. After all, it isn’t why you started out on this path.

This session will, therefore, cover the practical business side of therapy – such as when and how to contact HMRC, what expenses may be claimed, and how to deal with matters such as insurance and the consequences of working from home – from an accountant who understands what it means to be a therapist.


Paul Silver-Myer is an accountant with a full-time practice in Baker Street in London, and also has a small private therapy practice on Friday afternoons. As an accountant, he realised that half of his work is about numbers and the other half is about the people behind those numbers, yet all of his training was only about the numbers.

So he trained as a therapist to better understand what was happening when people acted out their financial fears in front of him. He is also a financial coach and mediator.





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June 14
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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