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    • 28Cozy28

      Hi all. I've just filled in my profile and personal info, even though I've been a member since January. Procrastination had me by the throat, but I've done it now, and it feels good that I have. Have a great day!
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    • Joanna

      Good morning! This is my first proper post on the site although I have been on this site for a few months now. Events have overtaken me somewhat, so I'm looking forward to engaging more in the days and months to come :)
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    • StarlightMemories

      Once again life has thrown me a curve ball, this time I crashed my car, the road was clear I was concentrating - Just one of those things that happen in life and I haven't been out of the house for 2 weeks.  Every time I push forward life has a way of stopping me in my tracks.  Two Steps Forward One Back  .........
      1)  Yippee I have qualified I have my science degree    -     Oh no you are going no-where my girl.  My now ex-husband leaves with his new girlfriend and the girls and I am made redundant - I'm not a mummy, no home and no job ssooooo.  
      2)  I find a job and start to create a life for myself, the girls are settled in a school where they live so life becomes a different kind of 'normal'.  The life I have is not the one I wanted but what I have couldn't be better.
      3)  I see a course about becoming a counsellor so I do the first course and the next and the next.  After a very difficult counselling journey as everyone knows who has done the courses I qualify -  just as my dad dies.  He would have been so proud and I hold onto that.  
      4)  I start breathing again which takes me to 2013 - doors are naturally closing and life is becoming both exciting and scary at the same time and I celebrate my 50th Birthday surrounded by my girls, my granddaughter and another on the way, family and lots and lots of friends.  This could be my time, my 40th was rubbish so here goes ....................
      5)  Hey Girl lets see what you make with being made redundant    ...........  I'm ready for the challenge.  Bring it on.  Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway !!!!!!!!
      6)  Okay  Redundant in the July  -  August find a lump  -   September Stage 3 cancer  -  October Surgery  -  November Chemotherapy  - December Complete Hair Loss
      7)  Move to a bedsit then after doing a Vision Board I take the opportunity to move where both my girls live.
      I struggle to get a decent job so I take whats on offer but that doesn't work out and I have to take time off due to illness and 2 weeks ago I crash my car 
         sssoooo I am sat here wondering where on earth did I go wrong and feeling very very sorry for myself.   I'm surprised at how much writing this has helped to clear my mind.  I'm not bothered if it sails off into the online ether 2 Steps Forward 1 Back Still Means 1 Step Forward  .....................
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