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    • StarlightMemories

      Time to Find My Voice,
      On a personal note the past 5 months have been amazing.  After being on my own for 14 years I finally met my dream guy.  I wrote down a wish list wish and I now have a Rock n Roll dancing man with a 1950s car who wants to travel to different clubs WOW.  
      BUT .... this means I have let so many things slide and now I find myself chasing my tail.
      Ss00 ........
      1.Create fb posts for January, then re=purpose for IG - shouldn't be too difficult because I started to do this last year I just need to add on.
      2.  Do number 1 before I do anything else.
      3  Log off and organise posts before I start shiny penny syndrome but remeber to check in when I have done this.
      Happy New Year
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      Hi Everyone.
      My name is Denice,
      I've just joined GYPP and I'm a Bereavement Greif & Trauma Counsellor.....
      I'm really looking forward to connecting with everyone and hopefully we can all be part of a great team!!
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    • Lottie

      Hello, I'm new to the club!
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