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The Grow Your Private Practice membership will help you get MAXIMUM results in the LIMITED time you've got

You'll pinpoint your messaging, targeting your dream client - and you'll do it authentically and with confidence.


Testimonial - Wendy Neil

I've found the content really useful, in the few months I've been a member I've focussed on blogging and also getting my head around using social media. I've also, finally, really realised the benefits of choosing a niche, and it seems to be working already. I've had a few new enquiries recently where people have said 'something in what you say on your directory listing / website really resonated with me' (or words to that effect). I've never had that before!

Wendy Neil

let me guess...

You became a therapist because you want to help people. But, right now, you're struggling with how you are going to reach those people who need your help?

After all, they don't all hang out in the same place where you could invest in some advertising space. And you can't guess which paper they all read where you could place an ad.

You are great at what you do, and you're a natural when it comes to listening and providing professional support to those who need it, but you are NOT a small business marketeer, and this side of your business is becoming overwhelming.

So, how are you going to spread the word about your private practice and grow your business to be able to reach more clients and earn more money?

What if you could find an experienced therapist, who's been where you are, felt just like you do and knows the best ways to banish the overwhelm? Who will motivate you to take action, and get you focused so that you can grow your private practice to the success it deserves to be?

Plus, just imagine that you get to be part of a supportive community of like-minded therapists all looking to grow their businesses too.

You'll be able to share ideas, thrash out problems and cheer each other on because running your own private practice doesn’t have to be lonely.

Hi, I'm Jane


It's daunting when you just don't know what the options are. And how do you market your therapy services ethically, when you need to consider confidentiality and personal disclosure issues?

Therapists operate in the background, behind the scenes if you like. We are the support behind our clients as they navigate their way through life. We certainly don't shout about what we do in the typical way another business might, with testimonials from those we've worked with and detailed stories about the successes we've had.

It goes against everything we strive to do in our safe, confidential space.

At my core is the drive to help others...

Isn't it with us all? And isn't that why we became therapists? So, I started an online group to reach out to other counsellors feeling the same way, I wanted to share what I'd learned and help others to feel confident in how they market their practices.

Since then, I've written a successful book on the subject AND since Summer 2020, I've put out 'The Grow Your Private Practice Show', a weekly podcast, because I truly want to help as many other counsellors as I can to find confidence, and success in their chosen career.

That's why I founded the 'Grow Your Private Practice' membership, so I could guide others on a personal and interactive level, through everything I've learned. Using tried and tested means, and I help other counsellors and psychotherapists to attract clients ethically and authentically.

So that you can make a difference, whilst getting the income you desire.

Introducing the


In 2024

For the first time, and exclusive to the membership, I will be running the 'Roadmap to Success' programme as a live and interactive, 6-month course. Delivered in weekly/monthly bite-sized chunks, with time for questions and clarification, giving you so much more than a video and a textbook to learn from.

Taking into consideration your preferred area of therapy, the roadmap will help you to design your unique marketing content by focusing on these six 'R's'


We start with YOU.
By really understanding yourself, your wants and needs you'll get the clarity to enable you to grow a private practice that suits YOU. A lack of inward-focused vision leads to a lack of motivation and drive.


To attract your dream clients it's important to know and understand them and their wants and needs. I created 'The Empathy Exercise' just for this purpose. I give you the tools to attract and speak directly to the potential clients you feel so passionately about.


Your website is like your shop window, and your marketing leads people there. So a clear website that speaks directly to your dream clients and demonstrates that you know and understand them - their fears and worries, hopes and dreams, becomes a valuable tool to change people from visitors to clients.


Producing content (blogs/audio/video) is an extremely powerful tool to have in your marketing toolkit. I'll show you how to start forming that oh so important therapeutic relationship as you create a platform from which you can speak with authority whilst remaining warm and approachable.


How to use social media with purpose in order to connect with people and drive them towards your website. You'll reach and engage more of your dream clients, while always respecting your own personal boundaries and the ethical boundaries of therapy.

Realistic Expectations

Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, procrastination, fear of failure AND fear of success can trip you up even when you have the very best of intentions. So understanding how you self-sabotage and learning how to protect yourself is vital. 

Jane Travis, Grow Your Private Practice membership

I designed this live, group programme in such a way so that you will experience far less overwhelm, because the camaraderie of the group brings accountability and assurance among members.

The support from others in the community you'll learn with, plus access to myself regularly, means questions can be asked and answered in the moment, taking away the guesswork and bringing far more value to the learning.

Delivered in small, manageable steps, and delivered live, but recorded so you can access it at a time suitable to you if needed.

This flexibility gives you control over how and when you learn. Because everyone is different, and effective learning needs to reflect that.
Plus CPD certificates are available for all training.


Testimonial - Sarah Harvey

I have found the content so very helpful with building my private practice and with my confidence around that. In fact, some of what I learned has literally changed my life and certainly my mindset. After completing the abundance activity, I no longer have a lack mindset!

Sarah Harvey

I've been



You want to reach more potential clients, not only because you want to help them but because you need to make money – it's a fact of life.

Maybe you've tried putting out adverts in local papers and magazines, or produced flyers?

Perhaps you've invested in an expensive website, but it's just not attracting potential clients or filling your diary with paying clients.

You got into this line of work to really help people, to make a difference, to bring light where before may have only been dark. But now it's time to shine that light on you so that potential clients can find you.


We've got the answers


Because one thing you do know is, at the very heart of all the training you've done and the work you have already undertaken, is the therapeutic alliance. The relationship you develop with your client is KING.

And that's what we will start to build - long before the client comes into your office or enters your Zoom call. I'll help you take what you've learned when it comes to your existing clients and build out.

I'll show you how to get in front of the people who are considering a therapist and begin building a relationship with them immediately.

I'll guide you to develop a journey for your potential clients, from knowing who you are to listening and liking what you are saying and moving through to trusting your ability to deliver a great service.

Of course, if you could get them on a call, you'd be able to easily demonstrate all of this easily, BUT, there are multiple steps before a potential client will be ready to set up that call.

With my insight and support, and that of support of the wider community, you'll be attracting the clients you are looking to help. You'll do this in a way that's comfortable for you and sits within your ethical boundaries, not to mention making the whole thing way more enjoyable and easy!

Save time, feel confident and connect with like-minded peers.

What's inside


For the first time, and exclusive to the membership, I will be running the 'Roadmap to Success' programme as a live and interactive, 6-month course. Delivered in weekly/monthly bite-sized chunks, with time for questions and clarification, giving you so much more than a video and a textbook to learn from.

Taking into consideration your preferred area of therapy, the roadmap will help you to design your unique marketing content by focusing on these six 'R's'

The Grow Your Private Practice Roadmap has the foundational training you need to build a successful therapy business

The Private Practice Success Roadmap LIVE

A live and exclusive programme that will be led by me personally and will give you all you need to get clear and confident on your marketing message. This course will look at exactly what is right for you, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing, and that's what makes this programme invaluable.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Ask your burning questions to me directly on our monthly 'Pick My Brain' calls. We'll work on any issues, questions and new rollouts alike. Whatever your question I'll be here to help. Plus, the group setting means that you'll get valuable insight from your community members too.

Guest Expert Masterclasses

We regularly welcome an expert in their field to come and show us what is necessary to make headway when it comes to marketing and growing your private practice. From bookkeeping to copywriting, the subject matter is wide and varied but always invaluable.

Access to the course and workshop library

You'll get full access to the back catalogue of courses, workshops and masterclasses previously held in the membership. You'll always find something new and interesting to learn that will help you grow your private practice.

Supportive Community

Possibly the part of the membership I am most proud of, and yet something I honestly cannot take all the credit for. Because those within the membership are the reason this community is like no other. Providing support, knowledge, a listening ear and brilliant cheerleading, each and every member has a different insight to bring to a problem when shared. You'll find this unique safe space, the perfect place to share your ideas, worries and confusions and you'll always be met with understanding and acceptance, never judgement.

Members-only Offers and Resources

Bringing you discounts, early access and freebies galore, just the icing on the cake when it comes to this brilliant membership.


Testimonial - Harinder Smith

I found GYPP invaluable. The practical training and worksheets, the accountability of the club and calls... Jane is just the person you want there if you need feedback, suggestions, ideas and sometimes just a good old pep talk! We all need that sometimes, especially when private practice gets a bit lonely or overwhelming.

Harinder Smith

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I've tried to include everything below, but I'm sure you may still have some questions. I briefly go through some of the most common here, but if there is anything else you are unsure of then please don't hesitate to drop me a message here.

I'm so busy getting set up, how will I find the time to I need to invest in this membership?

I'm not tech-savvy, will there be training on systems?

I'm just getting started with my private practice, is this membership suitable for me?

This feels like a large investment, I'm not sure I can afford it.

Marketing is expensive, shouldn't I focus my spend on that rather than a membership?

I'm interested, but I'm going to take another counselling qualification first.

Can't I just learn all this from Google?

I'm not sure setting up a private practice is right for me, can you help me with that? 

What does being part of your membership actually look like?

I'm a hypnotherapist, will GYPP help me?

What if I join, and realise it's not for me?

What if I want to cancel my membership?

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